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  • Sun, May 03, 2020 8:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    MumNet is a not-for-profit organization that has supported the wellbeing of mothers in Toronto for three decades. 

    Our mission is to help women to face the challenges of motherhood by fostering their emotional, mental, and physical well-being in a mutually supportive, community-based group environment. 

    MumNet has a long history of supporting mothers in their motherhood journey. We offer a judgment free and private environment so mothers feel comfortable opening up and sharing with each other. As an organization, we think it’s important to protect our members and offer a safe place for them to share about their struggles and triumphs.

    We take women's mental health very seriously and we are constantly evolving to address our members’ needs. We conduct a survey after every session to get direct feedback from our members so that we can learn what's working well and to identify potential areas of improvement.

    Last year our board took on a project to overhaul our programming to make sure that we were offering the best support for mothers. By partnering with health professionals and industry experts in Toronto, we took many steps to update and expand our wellness experience and improve our volunteer leader training. Our groups hold many types of social gatherings including daytime playdate socials, stroller walks, mani-pedi sessions etc.

    We make a concerted effort to create an inclusive environment that allows moms to share their personal experiences with each other, no matter their backgrounds. 

    Although we have paused our in-person programming for the time being, we hope to be able to start our weekly groups again soon. In the meantime, check out our online programs!

  • Sun, April 26, 2020 2:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Guest Blogger: Delphine Rule, B.PE, M.Teaching, OCT (original blog post here:

    Over the past month we’ve seen a huge change in our world. As parents trying to do it all it can be hard. Here are some tips to remember along the way.

    The World Has Changed

    Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be writing a blog post about how to support your child at home while you become the teachers. Over the past month (I am sorry it’s taken me this long to blog…. I can’t find words) the world as we knew it has changed.

    I can hardly remember when I last left the house without ensuring I had gloves (and not because it was too cold out) or hand sanitizer. On a daily basis I have to remind my kids why we can’t just to the park. It’s changed so many parts of my life, and yours I am sure.

    For those who are just starting to read my posts, I am a mom of three (10, 8 and 4) and I am working in Education in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am a full time working mom and I love it. But this new reality…. Well I am not so sure I like it. I miss being in my school with my colleagues, the kids I teach and most of all the routine of going to work.

    Even my kids who don’t LOVE school are starting to miss it. Just the other day my eldest said he never realized how much he liked school. Don’t get him wrong, he’s loving sleeping in, staying in PJ’s all and having free access to fridge. But he misses his friends, his teachers and that sense of day to day.

    So you say “OK, Delphine what’s your point here. We all feel this way…” but my question today is how’s the remote learning and working full time, working in your house? It sure as heck isn’t going super well in my house.

    So lets look at some ways to take it a bit easier on yourself, your family and remember one key point, you can say NO. It’s important to remember that in this time you get do decide how much or how little you do.

    I am going to say that one more time - You can say NO to some, all or none of the work.

    For those of you reading who have neurologically diverse students, if it’s anything like my house, things are not always easy. Some days we’re good, we get through the work and feel good.

    Other days… Well lets just say I am glade when 5pm rolls around!

    As a teacher myself nothing frustrates me more then not being able to get my own kids to do their “assigned” school work. I wake up early just make sure their Google Classroom work is downloaded. I wake up early to make sure their school provided laptops with their assistive technology is all hocked up. I wake up early to enjoy, if I can, a few minutes of silence in the day.

    The teacher in me is used to having the lessons all planed out. The timing just right and the lesson laid out. Well, problem number 1 : these are not MY lessons. Problem number 2 : I am their mom not their teacher.

    So what should you know if any of this sounds like your house. Here are 5 things to remember.

    5 Tips to Remember While doing Remote Learning:

    • You are your child’s parent first

    We as parents want our children to do well and be happy. Our goal for our kids from the day they are born, or arrive to us, is to keep them safe, happy and feeling loved. Things in our world are changing. Our Neurodiverse children are often Super Feelers, they feel emotions above an beyond what neurotypical child might feel. Remember that they will feed off your energy, if you’re anxious they will, if you’re sad they’ll notice that, if you’re feeling stressed they’ll feel that. Tip #1 is to remember that as their parent you decide what might or might not work for you or your family. You decide how much they can handle in a day. As a family take each day as it comes and make sure that everyone, yourself included, is given some grace.

    • Communicate with your child’s teacher

    This one is as important as tip #1. In all the work I do with families I always start with building the relationship between the families and the teachers. The teachers are part of the team that help build your child up, help move them along and feel safe in their learning. For each one of my children over the last three weeks of remote learning, I have emailed them to say NO to at least one part of the work. I’ve said no to many Google Meet meetings in week, I’ve said no to doing too many math ‘worksheets’. I’ve expressed what it’s like my house with two kid with ADHD and a partner who’s work has increase 10 fold since all this started. to the teachers that I have no help. My partner is not able to help with the demands of ‘teaching’ our children. So I was honest. My words to the teachers were I am going to do the best I can each day, and that’s all I can do.

    Guess what… My kids teachers, 100% with that. 100% understanding of what my kids and my family need.

    • Don’t expect too much of yourself or your child/ren

    This one is hard for many, and super hard for me. I am a perfectionist, I want it to be perfect all the time but I just can’t. For so many reasons that’s not going to happen. My middle child, he’s a giver-up-er. He sees a task and says “I C—-A —— N’TTTT!!! He’s not even attempted it yet. The first few times I was ready. I knew how to coach him through it, I could see it coming, I could ready myself. Each day it took a bit more energy out of me, but I thought well he HAS to do it all! Now 3 weeks in, I am not expecting him to finish everything. In our house now, we’ve taken things way, way back. They have tasks given by the teacher, they focus on the parts that interest them first. Then if they still have time in the 1 hour I expect them to do in a day, they can do the other stuff. I don’t expect too much anymore, I expect them to TRY, to work at it and do the best that they think they can.

    • Find time for yourself

    Some days this whole thing has felt like being back in the infancy days of my kids. I remember going to the shower and locking the door, turning up the radio and staying in the shower until I was wrinkled. Why? Because it was the only time I was alone. The only time I could hear my own thoughts. At this point in the pandemic, we can’t just go to the coffee shop or to walk with a friend to change our head space. So you have to get creative. Finding time for yourself as the parent makes sure that you can recharge, breath and look after yourself. You can only be useful to your children if you yourself are feeling well.

    • No child will fail this school year

    If you remember nothing from these 5 tips, remember this… No child is going to fail the school year because they didn’t complete all the assignments on time, because they didn’t do all the work or because they didn’t try. The long and short of the story is that students will be getting the mark they would have gotten day schools closed on March 13th. The only thing that can happen to their marks now is for them to go up. If you are stressed about this please don’t. If you are worried about your child not having what they will need for the following school year, remember this. Your child and all other children are in the same boat. All teachers, when we return in the fall, will have to do some review and reteaching of information. No child will be penalized or left behind this remote learning didn’t work for you or your child.

    So lets recap the 5 tips

    In case you didn’t read them all… Here they are:

    1. Your your child’s parent first
    2. Communicate with the teacher - it’s OK to say NO!
    3. Don’t expect too much of yourself or your child
    4. Find time for you as the parent
    5. No child will fail or be left behind because school closed.

    We are living something that is only seen once every 100 years, we hope! Our children who are neurologically diverse tend to feel things more deeply. It makes things harder, from getting into a routine to getting school work done to just going outside. It’s OK if things don’t go 100% as planed. Pick the battles, minimize the tantrums.

    As parents your number one goal is to ensure your child is safe and advocate for their mental health and well being of your family in all of this scary stuff. If that means you don’t get all the work done each week, then fine. Learning can come from so many other spot (stay tuned for that post!).

    Give yourself and your family to space it needs to be safe, healthy and happy in this time of uncertainty and unease. Together we’ll make it through to the other side!

    My name is Delphine, I am a mother, wife, teacher and strong believer that all children have huge potential no matter how difficult their learning struggle might be. As a person with a learning disability, who fought hard to be successful, I am now on the other side as both a parent and a teacher.

    I have two children with learning challenges, both have Dyslexia and ADHD and one also has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. By building my knowledge and community connections I have grown stronger and have been able to advocate for what my children need.

    My goal is to help families and children advocate for their needs. Working with families, in both French and English in understanding Special Education, Individual Education Plans (IEP) and Individual Placement Recommendation Committee (IPRC).

    Together with my clients, I support their needs from working on IEP’s to going to IPRC meetings to help advocate for what they want. I also help families connect with support services in their area to create success.

    I work with families to feel empowered and informed on how to work with their school and community with the ultimate goal of supporting their children’s success.

    Still wondering how I can help you advocate for you child’s needs? Let’s chat:

    Access to Education

    Instagram: and Facebook:

  • Wed, April 15, 2020 9:55 PM | Anonymous

    Due to social distancing requirements, parents and kids find themselves working to understand a new reality. With daycares, schools, and libraries closed for the foreseeable future, having good quality books at home is becoming more important for families with kids of any age.

    During the month of April, Megan from Usborne is gifting her 20% commission from all online book sales back to MumNet to help keep the core staff employed and to continue providing online content for members in lieu of the planned in-person spring groups. Place your order today to both keep your kids entertained and help MumNet benefit from this generous donation.

    To make your shopping easier, Megan has complied a list of the top books by age/grade along with some good boredom-buster activities offered by Usborne. 

    Boredom-buster activities to keep kids busy!

    First books for new babies

    Best books for older babies (~6-18 months)

    Best books for young toddlers (12 months - 2 years)

    Best books for toddlers 2-3 years

    Best Books for Toddlers 3 years – 4 years

    • Phonics readers
      A series of fun stories using very simple synthetic phonic-based text. Synthetic phonic learning is the process of reading by sounding the individual sounds of a word and then blending them together to read the word as a whole. Beautifully illustrated and engaging stories that can be purchased individually, in collections with an accompanying CD or in box sets.

    Best books for kindergarten kids

    Best books for grades 1-3 kids

    Best books for grades 4-6 kids

  • Mon, January 27, 2020 9:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    At MumNet, we're fortunate to have the support of some incredible volunteers. Continuing our blogging series where we ask them the same five questions about their MumNet experience, today Quinn, a past leader, answers the same five questions we always ask, about her MumNet experience. Quinn is now back in MumNet with her second child.

    Why did you originally join MumNet?

    I didn’t know much about MumNet before joining, so my initial attraction was in having a child-free workout once a week.

    What do you love most about MumNet?

    The people. It’s such a welcoming, strong and empowering network of women, coming together to make life with baby a little easier to navigate and a lot less lonely.

    Why was being a MumNet Group Leader important to you?

    I love that I have the opportunity to give back by sharing the feeling of connection and support with other mamas. The benefits of MumNet are immeasurable and only possible when people are willing to give a little extra.

    What is one thing that MumNet has taught you?

    Alone we are strong. Together we are stronger.

    What would you say to other moms considering joining MumNet?

    Do it! The idea of committing to something (anything!) when you have a newborn can seem overwhelming, but there is nothing more liberating than connecting with understanding women, taking some time for yourself and, perhaps most importantly, having someone else watch your baby.

  • Fri, January 03, 2020 6:05 PM | Anonymous

    At MumNet, our mission is to help women to face the challenges of motherhood by fostering their emotional, mental, and physical well-being in a mutually supportive, community-based group environment. That’s why, over the last year, our Board of Directors put an emphasis on revamping our program. 

    Our newly launched MumNet Wellness Program is the result of consultation and input from our regular member surveys, and some of our select health and wellbeing partners who offered their expertise on the program’s development. It will provide MumNet group leaders with helpful guidance when planning weekly discussions to ensure a variety of relevant topics are covered 

    The program focuses on the elements of wellness that are fundamental to motherhood, from the mother as an individual to the baby/child and their development. It’s an holistic approach to understanding what contributes to wellness in motherhood. Our goal is to give members a consistent and meaningful experience in a safe and respectful environment where they can talk about topics that are interesting and applicable to them. The program will be refined based on upcoming group leader feedback. 

    Below, you’ll find an overview of each of the Program’s pillars, which is what weekly content is based upon.

    • Mental Health (Nourish): Allows you to focus on your mental health & wellbeing
    • Physical Health (Nurture): Supports you in taking care of your body
    • Fitness (Move): Reinforces the importance of exercise, strength and movement, and their health benefits
    • Diet (Fuel): Tackles subjects like food, nutrition, and fuelling the body to keep you healthy
    • Relationships & Socialization (Connect): Explores romantic, platonic, and familial connections
    • Knowledge (Learn): Feeds the mind, and helps you to continue to learn and grow
    • Creative Expression (Create): focuses on creative activities and hobbies to express oneself
    • Personal Development (Grow): helps you in your personal and career development, and with planning and goal-setting

    Interested in giving MumNet’s Wellness Program a try? Join your local MumNet group today.

  • Thu, November 21, 2019 9:52 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Global Give is eBay’s unique approach to grantmaking, through the eBay Foundation, which deploys the talents and passions of eBay’s employee base, emphasizing collaboration, innovation and impact. The eBay Foundation challenges eBay employees to make their communities a better place—where entrepreneurs of all backgrounds are empowered to start and grow businesses, and help create opportunity for all and the Global Give plays an important role in making this a reality for nonprofits across the world.

    Over this spring, eBay employees worldwide developed and submitted proposals with creative solutions to engage and support entrepreneurship. This summer, the eBay Foundation announced the 2019 winners and granted a total of $1 million. Grants ranged from $30,000 to $60,000 each. Additionally, employee teams will provide mentoring, project and marketing expertise, technology skills, and legal and financial counsel to entrepreneurs in the program.

    MumNet is thrilled to share that we are the beneficiaries of one of these incredible grants! The partnership between MumNet and eBay will provide training and support to new-to-Canada and refugee women from marginalized Toronto communities for placement as caregivers in MumNet.

    The inspiration for this project stems from a 2018 Global Give project in conjunction with the Yonge Street Mission (YSM). While working with the team on the YSM project, Robert Karbaum was introduced to a group of women who were working towards building their own childminding businesses. Because these women are new-to-Canada refugees living in marginalized communities, they do not have the opportunity to obtain the traditional credentials associated with full-time daycare employment, nor would it be easy or even possible to obtain these credentials on their own due to the high cost of certification. These women, all mothers themselves, overcame insurmountable challenges escaping horrific situations in order to start new lives in Canada, and yet they are restricted from doing what they are passionate about - taking care of children - because of their circumstantial limitations. Providing these women the ability to receive training and providing them with an opportunity for flexible employment to build up their resumes will significantly assist them in turning their budding business into full entrepreneurial successes. 

    Thank you to the eBay Foundation for this significant and generous grant. The project provides MumNet with a creative opportunity to expand our caregiver staffing while also providing the means to grow our program in volume, vibrancy, and physical reach.

  • Mon, November 04, 2019 5:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    MumNet is thrilled to announce the addition of Sinora Barboza, as our new Childcare Manager. 

    Sinora moved from Vancouver to Toronto half a year ago. She has worked as a primary school teacher in both Vancouver and London, England. She also has experience working with infants and toddlers through daycare and preschool.  These days, she spends all the spare time she can with her 8 month old niece, Maya.  She has also recently taken up sewing and enjoys working on small projects she can gift to family and friends.  

    In addition to managing childcare providers in our various groups across Toronto, including overseeing the hiring and evaluation of our staff, Sinora is working as a caregiver herself in a couple of groups this fall. She will be working directly with our volunteer childcare reps at each group to ensure that we are offering safe and happy childcare each week.

    For an overview of our childcare offering and tips for leaving your child visit our Childcare page.

    We are very excited to have you on our team Sinora!

  • Wed, August 21, 2019 10:08 PM | Deleted user

    At MumNet, we're fortunate to have the support of some incredible volunteers. Today Josephine, a long time leader, and alum answers the same five questions we always ask, about her MumNet experience.

    Name: Josephine McMillen

    Group: Etobicoke MumNet I

    Why did you originally join MumNet? 

    I was a bit of a hermit during my first maternity leave and ended up finding it to be quite a lonely experience.  During my second leave, I really wanted to make an effort to connect with others who lived nearby. 

    What do you love most about MumNet? 

    The social aspect is great!  I love hearing about the experiences of mothers who might be at a slightly different stage than I am.  Hearing about the joys and struggles of brand new parents, I realize how far I've come.  Hearing about those with slightly older kids makes me realize "this too shall pass"!  It's a real empathy builder to share experiences in this way.  

    Why was being a MumNet Group Leader important to you?

    I felt that I had something to contribute in terms of leadership and facilitation skills.  Being a leader also helped to keep me engaged as a returning member.  

    What is one thing that MumNet has taught you? 

    Every stage of parenthood comes with its challenges and there will never be a time that we've "figured it all out".  And that's okay.  Having company on the journey - someone who can really hear what you are going through - is what's most important for me.  

    What would you say to other moms considering joining MumNet? 

    If you are looking to make connections within your neighbourhood, with others who have some shared experiences, in an open and non-judgmental way, MumNet is for you!

  • Thu, June 13, 2019 7:50 PM | Anonymous

    While our members have been having a great year chatting and learning together, and deepening their relationships with other moms in their communities, we wanted to give you a little behind the scenes look at what our Board of Directors has been up to this year. Our Board is made up of volunteers with a variety of career backgrounds who help to guide the work of the organization and its strategic direction. 

    This year, the Board embarked on the exciting project of determining four SMART Goals for the organization - goals that are specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. We thought we’d share a little about the two that are relevant to our member experience so you can see what we have in store for you throughout the next year. Here they are...

    Enhancing our program
    We’ve taken your feedback on some inconsistencies that exist within the program across our groups and have developed an expert-endorsed, proprietary program that will support a healthy mind and body for our members. We’re in the process of putting the final touches on it for a fall launch, but what we can share with you is that it’s designed so that each term, each group will do programming from within each thematic area of the program. There will also be room for creativity and custom-curated program content.

    What this means for our members: No matter which group you join across the city, you will have a more consistent experience.

    Strengthening our childcare program
    We’ve also taken your feedback on some areas of improvement that our childcare program could benefit from. We have been working to update and improve our caregiver training and on-boarding process, including emphasis on daily cleaning and sanitizing of the toys and baby gear. We updated our hiring requirements and are in the process of conducting an audit of our facilities and inventory of supplies. Having already added five new caregivers this year, we are looking to expand the team further this fall.

    What this means for our members: No matter which group you join, you can rest assured that our caregivers are delivering consistent, engaging, high quality care to your little one(s).

    - - -

    See you in September!
    As you can see, there are great changes on the way and we are very much looking forward to updating you and gathering feedback from you as they begin to be actioned in our groups.

    We wish you all a great summer and hope you’re as excited as we are about the changes we have in store for you.

  • Mon, April 15, 2019 9:03 PM | Anonymous

    There's just two and a half weeks to go until our Mom's Night Out annual spring fundraiser, taking place at The Pilot in Yorkville on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 8 p.m. This isn't your average mom's night out where you end up talking about your kids. This is a true chance for you to take a night off and treat yo'self while supporting our organization so we can continue to evolve and expand our programming, subsidies, and childcare offering! Without further adieu, here's our top 5...

    1. Snack, sip, and mingle

    MumNet has groups from across the city and members and their friends from all of our groups will be at the event. This is a great opportunity to not only mingle with your mama crew from your own group while you snack and sip, it's also a great way to network with other members from other areas of town and make some new connections.

    2. *POP* goes the balloon

    One of the great things about this event is that, beyond ticket sales, there are so many different price points to get involved in the fundraising side of the evening. Our most economical option is also our loudest and most mysterious. All you have to do is buy a balloon, make it pop, and you get to take home whatever prize pops out.

    3. Dance the night away

    As Cyndi Lauper said "girls just wanna have fun" and moms deserve to have fun, too. Get ready to bust a move to some great tunes and maybe even lose your voice singing along when you let loose on our dance floor. And since there are no kids sleeping at the Pilot, we'll have the tunes cranked for the ultimate music to dance party ratio.

    4. Prizes, prizes, and more prizes

    The larger prizes of the evening can be found in both our wine pull and silent auction. Jot down your name and bid for a prize that catches your eye in the silent auction, or buy a numbered cork and find out which mystery bottle of wine you've won. Oh, the suspense!

    5. Strike a pose

    Grab your MumNet pals and a handful of props and capture some memories in our photo booth. Our photographer will be on deck to snap pics throughout the evening whether you want to be goofy or glam. Smile for the camera!

    We look forward to seeing you on May 2. Don't have your ticket yet? Buy it today!

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